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Track By Track - That's All I Wanna Know CD

"That's All I Wanna Know" is the title song on the recently re-released third album from Bobby Hebb, now on the Trocadero label in Europe. Bobby's exquisite 2003 reading of the James Carr / Roosevelt Jamison track "That's What I Want To Know," - re-titled for this CD - is as smooth as silk, displaying Hebb's incomparable vocal style, and backed by a solid ensemble that delivers the message with the singer. Rudiger Ladwig's production is top notch.


Bobby Hebb's That's All I Wanna Know remixed, remastered Trocadero Records


JANUARY 5, 6, 2016

August 1, 2005 – August 10, 2005

September 7, 2005 album arrived at Tuition Records

Joe Viglione (Rock Journalist) on BOBBY HEBB and his album
"That's All I Wanna Know.“

These liner notes were updated on January 5 and 6, 2016 for the new edition of That's All I Wanna Know. They were originally written between August 1-10, 2005, the completed CDs arrived on the desk of Tuition Records, Germany, September 7, 2005.

The Bobby Hebb Story, Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Sunny, The Story of Bobby Hebb’s Magical Composition …his tours with the Beatles, Jimmy Page and the Yardbirds, and the evolution of one of the most significant compositions in pop music history.

By Joe Viglione

Chapter 1

“Sunny” electrified audiences in 1966 when Bobby Hebb toured with the Beatles, the most influential group in pop music history, bringing to that series of shows a hit as powerful as anything written or recorded by the Fab 4.

Ron Della Chiesa RADIO MY WAY plays "Sunny" by Frank Sinatra on March 20, 2016

Thank you to Ron Della Chiesa for playing "The Summer Wind" and "Sunny" as performed by Frank Sinatra on Sunday, March 20, 2015 at around 8:15 PM - on WPLM - We Play Lovely Music - 99.1 FM

Bobby Hebb article by Daniel Cooper in The Encyclopedia of Country Music

Check out the Bobby Hebb mini-bio by Dan Cooper in the Encyclopedia of Country Music

The Encyclopedia of Country Music - Page 218 - Google Books Result
2012 - ‎Music
... For his 2005 release That's All I Wanna Know (Tuition) he recorded a new ...

11/27/66 the last night of the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars 1966 tour

Bobby Hebb toured with the Beatles and Jimmy Page in 1966, it was an incredible year. This website will continue to look into the performances, we are actively seeking audio tape, film and reviews of the shows, set lists and other pertinent items for our historical file. This was the final date of the Caravan of Stars, November 27, 1966

The Beatles tour went from August 12 to August 29, 1966'_1966_US_tour

Nov 12 Yardbirds with Bobby Hebb 1966 Tour Bobby Hebb and the Yardbirds performed two shows in Ohio on Sat. November 12, 1966

Nov 12 Yardbirds with Bobby Hebb 1966 Tour

Bobby Hebb and the Yardbirds performed two shows in Ohio on Sat. November 12, 1966

Show 1 Akron Ohio The Akron Civic Theater
November 12 1966 Saturday
Athens, OH USA

Ohio University - Grover Center

Bobby Hebb and the Yardbirds November 11, 1966 Indianapolis

They Yardbirds performed on November 11, 1966 in Indianapolis with Bobby Hebb on the Dick Clark Tour
November 10, 2015 they performed in Laughlin, Nevada at Harrah's

Happy Birthday Johnny Rivers, recorded "Sunny"

Happy Birthday Johnny Rivers...thanks for recording "Sunny"

Yardbirds and Bobby Hebb on Tour October 28, 1966 49th Anniversary

On October 28,1966 Bobby Hebb along with the Yardbirds - featuring Jim McCarty on drums, Keith Relf on vocals, Jimmy Page on guitar and Jeff Beck on guitar, were part of the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars.

September 9, 2012 at Tupelo Hall in New Hampshire, Jim McCarty talked to Visual Radio host Joe Viglione about the tour with Bobby Hebb.


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