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Welcome to the news site for Bobby Hebb, an extension of Check here for news updates about the recording artist who wrote and performed "Sunny", who co-wrote "A Natural Man", and who had hits with "Love, Love, Love" and "A Satisfied Mind." Bobby Hebb was one of the most gifted men of the 20th Century. His music is immortal and we will continue to bring the world information about this incredible man's work. Contact Editor Joe Viglione at hebb_project [@] yahoo.combobbyhebb
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Rest in Peace Hal Hebb - 51st Anniversary of Hal Hebb's passing

Mon, 11/24/2014 - 04:55
on Bobby

A blog on the Marigolds has the members of the group listed, worth sharing here on Hal Hebb’s anniversary

The Marigolds  (Nashville, Tennessee)
 aka The Solotones   (By Hans-Joachim)

Personnel:Johnny Bragg (Lead Tenor)Edward Lee Thurmon (Tenor)William Stewart (Baritone)John Edward Drue (Tenor)Harold Hebb (Tenor)Willie Wilson (Bass)

There’s a photo of the group on this blog site:
Here is a YouTube of The Marigolds singing “Rollin Stone”
In Memory of Hal Hebb

Review GREEN TEA U.K. LIVE AT ELIXIR / "Sunny" by GreenTeaBand U.K.

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 21:31
Live at Elixir

      This talented quartet - Great Britain's Green Tea (not to be confused with at least 3 ensembles in America going by that name) gives the world a CD, Live at the Elixir  - a bar located at 162 Eversholt Street NW1 1BL London, United Kingdom - photos of the band from this nightspot gracing their collective Facebook page.
     The 5 minute 29 second rendition of "Sunny" goes from a dancing keyboard solo by Andrey Novikov with a segue to the drummer, Gaetano di Giocomo, giving us 41 seconds of improvisation in the middle of Bobby Hebb's classic, from 3:16 to 3:57.    Guitarist  Jake Pashkin has style and passion, the sound from his axe reminiscent of Greg Howe's "Sunny" that has permeated YouTube.
Damien Langkamer

According to the YouTube page: Green Tea is an instrumental 4 - piece band of professional musicians performing jazz - funk covers. "Sunny" is the name of a song written by Bobby Hebb. It is one of the most covered popular songs, with hundreds of versions released. BMI rates "Sunny" number 25 in its "Top 100 songs of the century".

Hebb wrote the song after 22 November 1963, the day U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and Hebb's older brother Harold was killed in a knife fight outside a Nashville nightclub


Facebook page

Members: Andrey Novikov, keyboards 
Jake Pashkin, guitar 
Damien Langkamer, bass 
Gaetano di Giacomo, drumsCounty. Dress Code *. Green Tea plays with irresistible energy. Postcode * ... London and UK, including LSE, Bull's Head in Barnes, Barn Church in Kew.

ARTICLE ON GREEN TEA bassist Damien Langkamer 


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Bobby Hebb and SUNNY in the news, Sunday 11-16-14

Sun, 11/16/2014 - 21:39

  1. New MusicWinnipeg Free Press-Oct 30, 2014The tenor saxophonist is relaxed on the Strayhorn/Ellington tune Daydream and sets feet dancing on Bobby Hebb's Sunny. Soloists trumpeter ...

  2. Der Rapper Cro im Hallenstadion: Eine Nummer zu grossNeue Zürcher Zeitung-Nov 6, 2014So scheint «Easy» auf dem Soulklassiker «Sunny» von Bobby Hebb zu basieren. Auch bei Jay-Z und Dr. Dre, deren Songs ebenfalls ein ...

  3. Der Mann mit der MaskeBasler Zeitung-Oct 31, 2014Basierend auf dem Stück «Sunny» von Bobby Hebb entspannte er ein paar Wortspielereien rund um das Wort «Easy». Ein munteres Stück ...
  4. Cro auf Tour: Den "Panda" live Lifestyle Magazine-Nov 10, 2014Das lag nicht nur an dem eingängigen Lied mit einem Sample des Songs “Sunny” von Sänger Bobby Hebb. Vor allem der dazugehörige ...

  5. TODAYonline
    Sound Check: Bryan Adams tracks his years on latest albumThe Morning Sun-Oct 17, 2014... Creedence Clearwater Revival, Chuck Berry and other songs — including Bobby Hebb's “Sunny” — for the project, which came out Sept.
  6. 27 bulan rakam album baruHarian Metro-Oct 27, 2014... Down On The Corner (Creedence Clearwater Revival); Never My Love (The Association); Sunny (Bobby Hebb); The Tracks of My Tears (The ...

  7. Caserta News
    "Tracks of my Years": Bryan Adams canta i grandi successi degli ...Lo Spettacolo-Oct 8, 2014Ha scritto per sé e per i più grandi interpreti della musica internazionale vendendo oltre 100 milioni di copie in tutto il mondo e rimanendo

Very cool, collectible "Don't You Care" (Bobby Hebb song) released on 7" vinyl from Alice Clark

Thu, 11/06/2014 - 11:29

The Bobby Hebb Website 
For fans of Bobby Hebb's music, disc 3 is the ultimate in collectibles, material that has not been on the market, and rarities restored just for this collection.
Opening with Bobby's tremendous rendition of "Love You" the stand-out performance opens the door to the demonstration tapes which garnered a variety of covers from notable artists who put their own unique stamp on the work. "Don't You Care" was covered by Alice Clark (hear her version on YouTube ) and Alice's "acid funk" works so well for this tune, and Bobby's original is one of my favorites on this disc. The European ACE label has re-released Alice's debut with bonus tracks It's called The Complete Studio Recordings and has "Don't You Care" as Track #2, "Charms of the Arms of Love" as Track 4 and "Hard, Hard Promises" moved up to track 15. My review of the original Alice Clark album is on
In 2004 the Acid Jazz label re-released Alice's "Don't You Care" (written by Bobby Hebb) as a vinyl single. Please remember to visit our other site Sunny The Song
RINGTONE ! The Sunny Bobby Hebb RINGTONE IS HERE! "SUNNY" RINGTONE HEAR BOBBY HEBB'S VOICE ON YOUR TELEPHONE! You can now purchase "Sunny" the ringtone from your mobile carrier (T-Mobile, etc) or, if you have an IPhone, via ITunes.

2nd James Brown movie this year; HBO Biopic  

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Peter Hand Big Band covers "Sunny" on new CD

Tue, 11/04/2014 - 02:10

Peter Hand Big Band
Out of Hand (Savant)

Track #1 on new cd is "Sunny"
Track Listings 1. Sunny 2. Blues In the Night 3. Listen to Your Heart 4. Out of Print Blues 5. Barbara Rose 6. The Elevator 7. Night Echo 8. Day Dream 9. Summertime Editorial ReviewsThe sound of a truly fine big band makes a lasting aural impression, combining sheer grandness with the finest, intimate improvisations. We now welcome back to the stage the Peter Hand Big Band. A native of New York City, Hand has been a guitarist in a wide variety of groups, has composed an impressive number of tunes, and has also studied big band arranging and composing with the legendary Herb Pomeroy. The Band, includes a stellar array of New York jazz players including Houston Person, Don Braden, Eddie Allen, Valery Ponomarev, Bruce Williams, James Weidman and Harvie S to name a few. Product Details
  • Audio CD (September 23, 2014)
  • Original Release Date: 2014
  • Number of Discs: 1

Available at TARGET

NEW York guitarist Peter Hand leads his big band through five originals and four standards with a little help from the big, bold tone of tenor saxophonist Houston Person on three tracks.
Person, who was also featured on the band's first recording -- a 2009 tribute to composer Harold Arlen -- uses his soulful sound to drench the listener in blues on the Arlen/Johnny Mercer pop classic Blues in the Night.

The tenor saxophonist is relaxed on the Strayhorn/Ellington tune Daydream and sets feet dancing on Bobby Hebb's Sunny.

Soloists trumpeter Eddie Allen and pianist James Weidman give Summertime some new life.
Hand, a solid guitarist, arranger and composer, lays down some blues on Out of Print Blues and leads the band through Latin-steeped Night Echo, both from his pen.
Tight arranging and ensemble playing give the material life. ***1/2
-- Chris Smith

From Winnipeg Free Press

2010 Live version of "Sunny" from Peter Hand Big Band

A Swinging Take on Bobby Hebb's Pop/Soul Classic, "Sunny"

The Peter Hand Big Band in concert at Centenary Theatre, Hackettstown, NJ

Proposed Disc 3 from Boxed Set

Sat, 11/01/2014 - 19:29

James Brown Biopic on HBO tonight

Mon, 10/27/2014 - 18:18
Mr. Dynamite: The Rise Of James BrownDirector: Alex Gibney
Runtime: 120 minutes
Rating: TV-14
Cast: Mick Jagger, Bobby Byrd, Clyde Stubblefield

Alex Gibney’s Mr. Dynamite: The Rise Of James Brown is an assured threading-of-the-needle, slowly working its way to the sweet spot where the man and the legend overlap. Gibney is the ideal director for a Brown documentary, with a resume including his journey into a luminary’s heart of darkness in 2013’s The Armstrong Lie as well as this year’s Finding Fela, Gibney’s portrait of Afrobeat visionary Fela Kuti, whose loving interpretation of Brown’s stage shows fostered mutual admiration and as well as a habit of both artists openly cribbing from each other.With the blessing of Brown’s estate, Gibney was granted unprecedented access to archival performance and interview footage, and Mr. Dynamite wears that access proudly, with Gibney jamming as much performance into the film as it can hold. From its opening frames, Mr. Dynamite lets Brown make the case for himself with his plaintive vocals and rubber-limbed juking. The stage footage is the star of the show, and for good reason, as to watch the blistering performances that earned Brown his “Hardest Working Man In Show Business” moniker is to think the superlative is too faint praise.


We gathered in our seats at The Woodruff Arts Center where we watched the film via the Bronzelens Film Festival and I must say, it was EXTREMELY good! I didn’t know much about James Brown except for what I heard and I don’t think I ever got to meet him on the red carpet but I had heard so much. The film was produced by Mick Jagger his dear friend and directed by Alex Gibney. I left with so many emotions and teared up because he was a lonely man and hardly trusted anyone. I was also blown away when I found out that musician Bootsy Collins use to play for him in the band, actually him and his brother! It was very enlightening, informative, funny, sad and it kept my attention the whole time!It chronicles the musical ascension of the hardest working man in show business who forever changed the face of American music. The documentary was made with the unique cooperation of the Brown Estate, featuring rare never-before seen archival footage and photographs along with current interviews. You have to see this amazing film that premieres on HBO Monday, Oct 27th at 9pm.Check out the clip

SUNNY 103.1 FM article on Bryan Adams SUNNY cover of Bobby Hebb

Tue, 10/14/2014 - 20:31
Bryan Adams Returning with Covers Album, "The Tracks of My Years"

Adams says: " "Making the selection of the songs for the album took a long time," Adams says in a statement, noting that the process spanned three months of recording spread out over two years.  "We recorded all kinds of songs until the songs sort of presented themselves, or sounded different enough from the originals."

Noting the diversity of the songs on the project, Bryan explains, "Radio was king when I was a teenager.  You'd hear Paul McCartney's 'Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey’ straight into 'Kiss and Say Goodbye' by The Manhattans.  Radio didn't discriminate back then."

Among the songs the Canadian singer covers on The Tracks of My Years: Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lady," The Beatles' "Any Time at All," The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows,"The Association's "Never My Love," Chuck Berry's "Rock and Roll Music" and the aforementioned song by The Manhattans.The Tracks of My Years is due out this fall; the release date is not yet final, but it'll be sometime in either September or October.
Sunny 103.1 FM Facebook

Bobby Hebb Facebook

Ringo Starr in the news Plus, Our Top 10 "Sunny" by Bryan Adams hits #1 in our page views this week!

Tue, 10/14/2014 - 20:00
Bobby Hebb's good friend Ringo from
THE BEATLES making headlines today.

Of course, it helps if you happen to be Ringo Starr, a living part of rock and roll history and former member of that “other” band. No, not Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, as Ringo joked to the Cynthia Woods Pavilion audience on Friday night, that other, other band; the long-haired (for the time) four-piece band that changed the face of rock and roll, popular music, and pop culture in general.Ringo isn't really on tour to make money and promote a new record. He’s more concerned with just being Ringo and sharing music and his life-long philosophy of peace and love. You've got to admire this, especially from someone who could be tuned out and relaxing on his own personal island, counting his money for the rest of his days without a care in the world.Ringo isn't on this quest alone. He brought a group of friends along who've written their own pages of rock and roll history. Ringo Starr’s All Star Band is a revolving line-up of legendary musicians who've joined him on tour to help spread the word of peace, love, and the simple joy of music. The 2014 line-up of the All Starr Band includes Steve Lukather from Toto, Gregg Rolie, one of the founding members of Santana and Journey, legendary musician, songwriter, record producer, and recording engineer Todd Rundgren, founder and lead singer of Mr. Mister, Richard PageWarren Ham from the bands Bloodrock and AD, and Gregg Bissonette, who among others has played with David Lee Roth._________________________________________________________________
FRANKIE VALLI in the New England area

November 5 in Worcester

Peter Noone's birthday!

The first album on Valli's site
Romancing the Sixties (2007) has a new rendition of "Sunny"

Frankie's "Timeless" CD from the 60's was also re-released and has his original version of "Sunny" with different lyricsSELECTED SOLO WORKS  The Frankie Valli Boxed Set

Saturday, November 1 Bangor Maine - Cross Insurance CenterSunday, November 2 Mohegan Sun CasinoWednesday, November 5 Worcester MA - Hanover Theatre

Our Top 10 According to Page Views!

Bryan Adams tracks "SUNNY"Oct 1, 2014

Play along to "Sunny" with guitarist Greg HoweDec 23, 2012

Bobby Hebb Sheet Music Imagery / GALLERY OF SUNNY ...Feb 16, 2014

New Bill Cosby book "His Life and Times" plus TMRZ...Sep 18, 2014

Frankie Valli - JERSEY BOYS - recorded "Sunny" twi...Jun 17, 2014  

The Marvin Gaye Collection MOTOWN DOES SUNNY!Jul 19, 2013

Bobby Hebb and Beatles Recorded in Toronto August ...Aug 16, 2014

You Want To Change Me - Bobby HebbSep 22, 2014

Review: Ray Donovan "Sunny" - Season 2, Episode 8...Sep 5, 2014

"Stormy" by the Classics IV, was it inspired by "S...Jun 15, 2013

Bryan Adams tracks "SUNNY"

Wed, 10/01/2014 - 23:28
Hear a clip on AMAZON.com

Bryan Adams "Sunny" now up on iTunes

Published on Sep 18, 2014

The new album "Tracks Of My Years" by Bryan Adams due 

out on September 30th is available for pre-order now: 
Hear a bit of "Sunny" 1:38 in on this video
Bryan Adams - Tracks Of My Years Medley
Notice that there are 5 bonus tracks, but "Sunny" is one of the key 11 tracks, #9

Bryan Adams "Sunny" now up on iTunes

 Adams must have grown up listening to the Canadian equivalent of WAMS. He’s far from the first artist of his time to release an album of personally inspirational and/or influential songs, but “Tracks of My Years” might be one of the most musically diverse collections of its kind. Classic rock artists like the Beatles (“Any Time At All”), the Beach Boys (“God Only Knows), Creedence Clearwater Revival (and Bob Dylan (“Lay Lady Lay”) are represented, but so are more obscure (by today’s standards) acts like the aforementioned Manhattans (“Kiss and Say Goodbye”), the Association (“Never My Love”), and Bobby Hebb (“Sunny”). The deluxe edition features five additional (and even more eclectic) tracks, including covers of Muddy Waters by way of Led Zeppelin (“You Shook Me”), Jimmy Cliff (“Many Rivers to Cross”), and Eddie Cochran (“C'mon Everybody”).“Making the selection of the songs for the album took a long time” Adams says. “We recorded all kinds of songs until the songs sort of presented themselves, or sounded different enough from the originals. We did about three months of recording, spread out over the course of two years.”

Scandal - new season #4 with "SUNNY" as the opening song

Wed, 10/01/2014 - 23:28

Bobby Hebb's ORIGINAL "Sunny" opens SCANDAL, 9/25/14 on ABC TV


Promo for Scandal (not "Sunny" just an advertisement for the show

After Show buzz review:

Get ready Gladiators, because Scandal's season 4 premiere has been announced for THURSDAY SEPT 25 9|8c on ABC! In case you've forgotten, when we last saw Olivia Pope, she was on a one-way plane to a new life with Jakeat her side.

Bobby Hebb on Google News

Wed, 10/01/2014 - 23:22

  1. Toronto Star
    Listening Room: Prince and 3rdEyeGirl, Bryan Adams, Antebellum ...The Morning Sun-Sep 29, 2014... Canadian rocker takes on some of his favorites from yesteryear, ranging from the Beatles to Bobby Hebb (“Sunny”), with one brand new track.

  2. Bryan Adams revisits the music of his youth with 'Tracks of My Years' hours ago... the Association (“Never My Love”), and Bobby Hebb (“Sunny”). The deluxe edition features five additional (and even more eclectic) tracks, ...

  3. Premiere: Bryan Adams covers 'God Only Knows'USA TODAY-Sep 11, 2014... back-to-back with them on AM radio, like Bobby Hebb's Sunny, The Association's Never My Love or The Manhattans' Kiss and Say Goodbye.
  4. Elaine Wynn BecknerSioux City Journal-Sep 7, 2014... in Jefferson, S.D., the daughter of William and Mable (Hebb) Wynn. ... Carson Beckner, Carlee Beckner and Bobby Ray Hatfield; her sister, ...

  5. 'Ray Donovan' Breakdown: “Sunny”Glide Magazine-Sep 1, 2014His version of Bobby Hebb's “Sunny” is absolutely on point, even despite using backup vocals from Bridget. (No disrespect, but she kind of has ...

  6. Week end del 26, 27 e 28 settembre: eventi, concerti e sagre. Ecco ...Il Giorno-Sep 26, 2014... Mogol-Battisti, Bruno Martino, Charlie Parker, Bruno Lauzi, Charles Trenet, Bobby Hebb. Appuntamento alle 16.30, presso il cortile interno di ...

  7. STERN
    Die letzte Frage: Bryan Adams, Sänger und Fotograf : Was zieht Sie ...Berliner Morgenpost-Sep 20, 2014Sie covern auf der neuen CD den Song "Sunny" von Bobby Hebb. Das Lied ... Gut, dass ich mich nur an Bobby Hebb gehalten habe. Gehören ...

  8. L'expresso de Paris : Hidalgo dans le marais et Hollande à Clichy ...metronews-Sep 1, 2014... l'été, enfin l'été, enfin l'été" chantaient Les négresses vertes. "Here come the sun" chantaient les Beatles et "Sunny" chantaient Bobby Hebb.

  9. “Festival Musica Jazz & Moderna”: bilancio positivo per l'evento ...Notizie On line dai comuni dell’Agro Caleno-Sep 2, 2014... chiusa con l'esibizione (domenica 31 agosto) dell'East Side Organ Project e il raffinato jazz “incrociato” con melodie come la famosa “Sunny” di Bobby Hebb.

  10. TF1
    Christophe Willem de retour avec le single "Le Chagrin"Jeux Actu MUSIQUE-Sep 17, 2014Le chanteur découvert sur M6 a repris le standard "Sunny" de Bobby Hebb. Sophie Delila & Christophe Willem le clip "What Did I Do" Duo franco anglais entre ...

SCANDAL opens with "Sunny"

Bobby Hebb's autograph to his bandmate Bill Root of THE PINE ISLAND PIRATES

Sat, 09/27/2014 - 18:06
Bobby Hebb's friend, Bill Root, recently passed on. Here's a photo Bobby autographed to Bill - To: Bill Root. Thanks for teaching guitar aboard the U.S.S. Pine Island, Sincerely Bobby Hebb. Bill cherished this photo. I'm glad I have this xerox copy to share. Bobby and Bill had a band, THE PINE ISLAND PIRATES which played for Chiang Kai-shek and his wife, Madam Chiang Kai-shek (nee Soong May-ling or Soong Mei-ling)


The boat was the U.S.S. Pine Island AV-12

Here's additional information

USS Pine Island (AV-12), a Currituck-classseaplane tender, is the only ship of the United States Navy to hold this name. The ship was named after Pine Island Sound (off the coast ofLee County, Florida).Pine Island was laid down on 16 November 1942 at the Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation, in San Pedro, California; launched on 26 February 1944, sponsored by Mrs. Knefler McGinnis; and commissioned on 26 April 1945, CommanderHenry Titus Hodgskin in command.
from Wikipedia


Picture of the boat Bobby Hebb served on in the Navy, the U.S.S. Pine Island AV-12. Bobby was born July 6, 1938, so he was probably 20 years of age when he performed for Chiang Kai-shek and his wife with the band THE PINE ISLAND PIRATES. From Wikipedia:
Sailing for WestPac in May 1958, she visited Bangkok, Thailand, and was at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, during the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis. She returned to San Diego in December, and departed for WestPac in June 1959. During 1960 and 1961 she continued her Pacific duties.


Other crew mates of Bobby Hebb who 

submitted their names to this U.S. Navy list site

Night Train To Nashville 10th Anniversary Celebration with the song "Sunny"

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 17:35

Photo from the “Night Train to Nashville” 10th anniversary concert. (July 30, 2014 at the Factory at Franklin – near Nashville.) At the end of the sold-out show, most of the cast gathered on stage to perform “Sunny” in tribute to Bobby. Members of Bobby’s family were in attendance. Jimmy Church (bandleader), the Fairfield Four, Clifford Curry, the McCrary Sisters, and the Valentines were among those who performed “Sunny.”
(Photo courtesy of Michael Gray,  Museum Editor at Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.)

Bobby Hebb's version of "Night Train To Memphis" is key here.   Bobby performed in Roy Acuff's group.

  in 1998 "A Satisfied Mind" was licensed by theCountry Music Foundation for the Warner Brothers 3 CD boxed set "FromWhere I Stand: The Black Experience In Country Music.

Hebb's 'Sunny' futureSongwriter set to depart RockportBy Lisa Capone
Globe Correspondent / March 11, 2004
Text size – +'Dolce" is Italian for ''sweet," but the ambience in Gloucester's Caffe Dolce was anything but one recent Monday morning. As a dozen men in blue-collar garb shouted hoarsely back and forth in Italian, Rockport's Bobby Hebb strained to be heard above the din. (Full Article: 975 Words)

Night Train to Memphis licencsed to Warner 

Brothers  for the classic 3 CD set

The Black Experience in Country Music



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You Want To Change Me - Bobby Hebb

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:13

Bobby Hebb - You Want To Change Me

And here's the classic E.P.

SUNNY on TIME LIFE, Track #3

New Bill Cosby book "His Life and Times" plus TMRZoo picks up our Ray Donovan "Sunny" story

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 10:38
Huffington Post
New Book Says Bill Cosby's Jokes Masked Pain
Journalist Mark Whitaker, author of the new book Cosby: His Life and Times, talks with The Root Editor-in-Chief Henry Louis Gates Jr. in a wide-ranging interview. Whitaker says comedian Bill Cosby became an accidental role model for him at a critical point in his childhood after his father left his family. He recalls embarking on a subconscious search for a black male role model when he stumbled upon a Cosby comedy album. 

  • As a kid he shined shoes, bagged groceries and delivered newspapers
  • He was determined to build a nest egg...he's now worth half a billion dollars 

  • Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook 

    this site has a COSBY BOOK GIVEAWAY
    “Cosby: His Life and Times” Book Giveaway Twitter Contest (Week of September 8)Posted on September 8, 2014 by Annmarie Gatti “Cosby: His Life and Times” Book Giveaway — Qualifying Entry Task for this week’s  Twitter ContestIn order to qualify for this week’s Bill Cosby Book Giveaway on Twitter, you must complete the following task by Friday, September 12 at 5PM EST (i.e. any time between now and September 12 at 5PM EST):

    The series Ray Donovan is a real find with visual textures that take the Soprano’s into 2014, and similarly-styled plot distancing that comes together in an effective and powerful way.

    The theme of “Sunny” (the episode) is actually how the song brings some light to a very dark chunk of this series, but there are also parallels to the family structure – sons and fathers – so it could also be called “Sonny” – which is the double entendre at play throughout.


    Our Top 10  Thursday September 18

    Review: Ray Donovan "Sunny" - Season 2, Episode 8...Sep 5, 2014

    Bobby Hebb Sheet Music Imagery / GALLERY OF SUNNY ...Feb 16, 2014

    Mos Def, Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins LIFE OF CRI...Sep 4, 2014
    The Marvin Gaye Collection MOTOWN DOES SUNNY!Jul 19, 2013

    The Bostonian Acetate! Bobby Hebb restoration pro...Sep 6, 2014

    Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" in new Jennifer Aniston movie...Aug 31, 2014

    Rare Bobby Hebb photo from Yugoslavia Pavilion in ...Aug 29, 2014

    August 29, 2014 Candlestick Park - 48 years ago t...Aug 29, 2014

    Bobby Hebb and Beatles Recorded in Toronto August ...Aug 16, 2014

    Play along to "Sunny" with guitarist Greg HoweDec 23, 2012

    These are the Top 10 sites for 9/18/14 by
    reader page views

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    ABC TV's SCANDAL starts the new season with "SUNNY"

    Thu, 09/18/2014 - 00:26
    "Sunny" will be used in the premier of the TV series SCANDAL on Sept 25th, ABC Network.

    "Scandal" Season 4 Will Launch On September 25Mark your calendars, gladiators.

    ABC announced today that Season 4 of the Shonda Rhimes-created dramaScandal will launch Thursday, Sept. 25 at 9 p.m., leading into Rhimes’ new drama,How to Get Away With Murder, which stars Viola Davis.Speaking at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee revealed that the fourth season of Scandal will consist of 22 episodes, returning to a regular episodic count after a slightly truncated third season in order to accomodate star Kerry Washington’s pregnancy. How to Get Away With Murder, meanwhile, will air “15 or 16” episodes this coming season, per Lee.

    As a result of a reported acute viral infection, Cher will postpone and reschedule 10 performances in eight cities for her current “Dressed to Kill” tour, including upcoming shows at Madison Square Garden in New York.

    The Sept. 17 Newark, N.Y. show is now Dec. 12The Sept. 19 New York, N.Y. show is now Dec. 10The Sept. 20 New York, N.Y. show is now Dec. 15The Sept. 22 Uniondale, N.Y. show is now Dec. 8The Sept. 24 State College, Pa. show is now Oct. 13The Sept. 26 Bo show is now Oct. 9ston, Mass.The Sept. 27 Hartford, Conn. show is now Oct. 11The Sept. 29 Washington, D.C. show is now Dec. 6The Oct. 1 Detroit, Mich. show is now Nov. 23____________________________________________________________

     SUNNY episodeWritten by David HollanderWritten by Cheo Hodari CokerDirected by John Dahl SUNNYLee Drexler returns from his honeymoon, only to be confronted by Cookie Brown, who demands the rights to Marvin's music. Ray arranges the deal, but then Lee reneges on it. Peggy Shaughnessy plants a seed of doubt in Kate's mind about the story that she published; Kate reopens her investigation but is threatened by a pair of Southie thugs on the street. 


    Sundays at 9 PM ET/PT 
    Ways to Watch 

    ON TV 
    Next: Sun, Sep 28, 3:00 PM ET/PT 
    on SHO 2 
    08/31/2014 - 10/14/2014 

    Music From This Episode 
    OA Euphon
    Rita APM Music Library
    Too Deep Ben Lakey
    Lace Ya Bootz Ben Lakey
    Sunny (Baumon Mercury edit) Marvin Gaye iTunes 
    Stampede Prophet Omega
    You N Me Together Crucial Music Library
    Never Been In Love Firstcom Music Library

    The Bostonian Acetate! Bobby Hebb restoration project

    Sun, 09/07/2014 - 03:41
    Engineer Jason Brabazon sent us 3 versions of a cleaned up "The Bostonian" - Bobby Hebb's great instrumental with Bobby on trumpet.

    Story about the new instrumental album and the restoration project to follow.  I received the disc on 9/6/14 and have listened to it extensively. Story already written.  Hope to post it 9/7.  

    Also, review of GREEN TEA is just about complete. The U.K. band covered "Sunny". Review to post here in the next few days.


    1. 'Ray Donovan' Breakdown: “SunnyGlide Magazine-Sep 1, 2014His version of Bobby Hebb'sSunny” is absolutely on point, even despite using backup vocals from Bridget. (No disrespect, but she kind of has ...
    2. Recalling The Beatles final Massachusetts concert - Suffolk Downs ...The Republican - 11, 2014The concert also featured support acts The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The ... a bit impatient as Hebb did an overly long version of his hit, "Sunny.".

    3. The Beatles at Candlestick in 1966: An oral history from the fansSFGate (blog)-Aug 10, 2014(There was also) Bobby Hebb, with his huge summertime hit, the classic “Sunny,” and the Ronettes, the only female act ever to tour with the ...

    4. L'expresso de Paris : Hidalgo dans le marais et Hollande à Clichy ...metronews-Sep 2, 2014... l'été, enfin l'été, enfin l'été" chantaient Les négresses vertes. "Here come the sun" chantaient les Beatles et "Sunny" chantaient Bobby Hebb.

    5. “Festival Musica Jazz & Moderna”: bilancio positivo per l'evento ...Notizie On line dai comuni dell’Agro Caleno-Sep 2, 2014... chiusa con l'esibizione (domenica 31 agosto) dell'East Side Organ Project e il raffinato jazz “incrociato” con melodie come la famosa “Sunny” di Bobby Hebb.
    6. RELATO. MI BANDA SONORA / 2El Periódico-Aug 19, 2014... Boney M, que aquel año puso en circulación el rompepistas Daddy cool y una versión bailable de Sunny, aquella maravilla de Bobby Hebb: ...

    7. The Magic Numbers - "Alias" 18, 2014"Thought I Wasn't Ready" erinnert anfänglich an Bobby Hebb's "Sunny", mutet aber sehr viel sentimentaler und harmloser an. Zum groovigen ...
    8. RELAT. LA MEVA BANDA SONORA / 2El Periódico de Catalunya-Aug 19, 2014... posar en circulació el trencapistes Daddy cool i una versió ballable de Sunny, aquella meravella de Bobby Hebb: una cançó tan bonica que ...
    Stay up to date on results for bobby hebb sunny.

    Visit Bobby’s iTunes page frequently!

     Bobby Hebb’s Facebook Page


    And check out: 

    and our Facebook page 
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    Review: Ray Donovan "Sunny" - Season 2, Episode 8

    Fri, 09/05/2014 - 18:18
    Ray Donovan, Showtime
    Season 2, Episode #8
    According to IMDB Ray Donovan, the character, is: "a professional "fixer" for the rich and famous in LA, can make anyone's problems disappear except
    those created by his own family."    

    Wikipedia notes:

    The show takes place in Los Angeles, California, where Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber), originally from South Boston, is a "fixer" for the powerful law firm Goldman & Drexler, representing the rich and famous. Ray experiences his own problems when his father, Mickey Donovan (Jon Voight), is unexpectedly released from prison, and FBI agents try bringing down Ray and his associates.

    Story follows these two links:

    "Sunny" By Octavius J. Johnson not yet available. He has 2 songs on Amazon 
    Righteous Love - 'oh Girl' - Single byOctavius J. Johnson Aka O'lord

    Tunefind lists Octavius J. Johnson as Marvin Gaye Washington singing "Sunny" but the link doesn't work. You can hear Bobby Hebb and the Marvin Gaye version on this link

    We got an internal alert at that "Sunny" would be utilized in the upcoming Jennifer Aniston/Tim Robbins/Mos Def film Life of Crime as well as on TV show Ray Donovan, but we kept it quiet until the release dates of August 29th (for the film) and August 31 (for tv.)
    Who knew that the episode would also be titled "Sunny" and would have elements which those who appreciate Bobby Hebb would be intrigued to view and consider after the program aired.

    My phone and text lit up when the August 31 cablecast hit, which I found surprising as this almost-two year old novel series was foreign to me.  In order to help readers of this review get up to speed on the many characters in the Ray Donovan series there are two other descriptive reviews and their links at the bottom of the page.  
    ________________________________________The show Ray Donovan is a real find with visual textures that take the Soprano's into 2014, and similarly-styled plot distancing that comes together in an effective and powerful way.

    The theme of "Sunny" (the episode) is actually how the song brings some light to a very dark chunk of this series, but there are also parallels to the family structure  - sons and fathers - so it could also be called "Sonny" - which is the double entendre at play throughout.  

        Ray Donovan's dad is ex-con Mickey Donovan, actor Jon Voight looking more together than his haggard appearance as Jim Phelps in the 1996 film version of TV's Mission Impossible.  18 years later he looks just as old, but more effective here -- and he appears to model the image to what an older version of boxer Irish Mickey Ward might look like.   So there's the dynamic with "fixer" son Ray Donovan, played brilliantly by   and his low-life daddy played by Jon Voight as well as the Rap mogul mentor-father figure Re-Kon (Kwame Anderson) and his protege 15-year old surrogate "son" (played by 18 year old  Octavius J. Johnson) named Marvin Gaye Washington.   

    In as blatant a fashion as you can get, the song "Sunny" is performed as a rap, not over Bobby Hebb's hit tune, but over a rare version by Marvin Gaye's which originally appeared on the Marvin Gaye boxed set, only the one used on Ray Donovan is in its "Mercury Mix" form - remixed by Mercury* (a duo) as the Mercury Mix II - hear it here:

    Information on Mercury
    MERCURY AKA MEL & SIMONBern is a picturesque but marginal town in the center of Switzerland. However, the provincial town, by the way the legal capital of the country, has some serious assets – it is home to the likes of Deetron, the Round Table Knights and the up and coming Mercury.Mercury is Mel, a former hip-hop DJ and shoemaker-to-be, and Simon, an educated children’s teacher and drummer to the francophone pop-star Stephan Eicher. The duo’s skills and frank approach to house music were first discovered by the world-acclaimed Dutch illustrator and Le Le member Parra, who invited the Swiss producing duo to create a remix of his band’s second single »Breakfast«. Frenetically supported by Pedro “Busy P” Winter, the remix ultimately became a true dance floor hit during 2009.

    MARVIN GAYE – SUNNY [MERCURY EDIT II]Mercury (Switzerland) would like to share their newest edit with you. A heart-warming track for welcoming the morning sun and collectively praising the joy of life. “Our man Rampa from Keinemusik dropped it when the first sun rays poured into the legendary window front of Berlin’s Watergate Club. A beautiful notion, no? We would have loved to be there”.
    To reiterate, you have the "professionally(not legally) adopted son" of a rap mogul  utilizing Marvin Gaye's rare version of "Sunny" - the Mercury Mix,  to create a new rendition of the classic Bobby Hebb tune by actor Octavius J. Johnson.  Hopefully it will be on the market soon.

    For those not familiar with the show, the twists and turns make a scorecard mandatory, quick cuts and multiple vignettes converging, long shots cradled in extensive pauses infiltrate episode 8, which one critic notes is chock full of telephone conversations between the protagonist and supporting well as the supporting cast with each other.   

    Having Eliot Gould, Jon Voight, Peter Jacobson, Liev Shreiber, Kwame Anderson and Steven Bauer  and Richard Benjamin (as film producer Jerry) - all familiar faces - in one program means the acting is reliable and, like the Sopranos, very believable.   

    It's a good find tucked away on one of the cable networks, Showtime, and worth seeking out. There's a Kathy Bates-styled woman handing out checks and advice to Ray Donovan, all cheeky and fun in a dark way.  But the inclusion of Bobby Hebb's signature tune is a welcome addition to television, and a great song to build a theme around.


    Showtime's description for Jon Voight as Mickey Donovan

    Released from prison after a 20-year stint, Ray's neglectful and abusive father Mickey arrived in LA to get what he felt is his rightful due. As an ill-tempered ex-con, Mickey is nevertheless charismatic and charming. Mickey's desire to reunite with his family, and his participation in scams and scores both old and new, threatens to destroy everything Ray has built for himself.

    "SUNNY" Ray Donovan

    1. Octavius J. Johnson, 18, plays fictional entertainer Marvin Gaye Washington, 15, on Showtime's new drama “Ray Donovan.” Dubbed “The Black Justin Bieber” on the show, Washington finds himself immediately on the wrong side of Ray Donovan (played by Liev Schreiber).
    Octavius J. Johnson

    A decent review worth reading:

    RAY DONOVAN Recap: “Sunny”

    by     Posted 5 days ago


    In the meantime, “Sunny” was an another emotionally-charged hour that delved into some hard truths for Ray.  The exchange between Abby and Ray — something that frightened Ari so much he was ready to kill Halloran rather than tell Ray about Abby’s infidelity — was a unique kind of exchange.  Abby laid in wait for him, and refused to kowtow to his demands, telling him instead that all she wanted was for him to look at her, and let her help share his pain.

    Another review: 
    Ray Donovan – Season 2 – Episode 8 – “Sunny”– A ReviewPosted: September 2, 2014 in Uncategorized 
    Lee Drexler (Peter Jacobson), Ezra’s partner (Elliot Gould), and Ray’s employer (sort of) returns in contemptuous fine form. Awash in his luxury, he is visited by a “ghost” of his past via “Cookie Brown” (Omar Dorsey), a thinly veiled homage to another Hip Hop management icon currently in the press, for his refusal to return his calls and make right a previous agreement between he and Re-Kon (Kwame Anderson), a rap mogul under Drexler’s management. Re-Kon is also Marvin’s mentor and father figure. Drexler calls Ray upon Cookie’s arrival with his crew. Ray due to his background knows who and what Cookie is and shows him an unusual level of respect. In fact, both men know the other’s nature and backgrounds and their interactions make for tense drama. Dorsey could just play “Cookie” as pure menace, but he does bring a measure of charisma to the role along with intimidation. The issue is that Cookie had given Re-Kon money as capital ($30,000) to start his label and now wants his protege Marvin under his own label and “direct management” as compensation. Ray mediates and again in unusual fashion advises Drexler to concede to the demand in a prompt and peaceful manner.

    Marvin Gaye Washington


    When it seems like Cookie’s going to take Marvin to South Beach, I had a hard time believing that Octavius J. Johnson would be leaving the show. I was hoping something would come up to keep him local and at least in Re-Kon’s life. Drexler thinks he handles the situation adequately by throwing money at the problem. But that is not how you deal with a man like Cookie Brown and we see the results of that disrespect when he kills Re-Kon. I thought for a moment that Marvin would make it, but in the end Cookie has to send a clear message so he kills Marvin as well.I spoke with Octavius earlier this week about his untimely death and how much it affected me. He told me the producers called him “two weeks before they were gonna kill off Marvin.” They made him “feel good about what” he’d “done on the show,” but they wanted to put some extra “umph in the season.”


    Tenacious Female Reporter Sully Sullivan’s piece is out! And, no one cares! Rather, no one named Ray Donovan from whom TFR wants validation for her work and other attributes. Mrs. Shaughnessy does have a few words for her front page story. It turns out Catherine may not be in Witness Protection, after all. (Duh.) With the seeds of doubt planted in TFR’s mind, she is on the brink of going on the warpath once again, this time with her journalistic reputation at risk.


    In Showtime’sRAY DONOVAN, now in its second season Sundays at 9 PM and renewed for a third, Liev Schreiber stars as the title character. Ray is a Boston-born Hollywood “fixer” who is okay with using blackmail and violence on behalf of his clients. But the turmoil of Ray’s job is nothing compared with his family conflicts. He and wife Abby (Paula Malcomson) have both had affairs, their two teenaged children (Kerris Dorsey, Devon Bagby) are in rebellion and Ray’s brothers (played by Eddie Marsan, Dash Mihok and Pooch Hall) all alternately depend on and resent their oldest sibling’s take-charge tactics. As for Ray’s ex-con father Mickey (Jon Voight), Ray tried to have the old man killed last season, a move that backfired and put them both high on the radar of the FBI.

    Green Tea U.K. Plus our Top 9 for 9/4/14

    Thu, 09/04/2014 - 18:34


    CD: Live at Elixr   
    artist: Green Tea U.K.

    With some nice liquid guitar that would make the legendary session man Vinnie Bell proud the London based Green Tea - Andrey Novikov on keyboards, guitarist Jake Pashkin, Damien Langkamer on bass and drummer Gaetano di Giacomo generate their jazz-funk with a subtle energy that is compelling and entertaining.

    Song #2 is modernized Billy Preston



    OUR TOP 9

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